Why aren’t you drinking?! The Female Celebrity GIF guide to answering that awkward question.

Him: So, what would you like to drink?
Me: I’ll have a cranberry juice please…
Him: What?! Just a cranberry juice?! Why?
Me: Oh I’m not really a drinker these days.
Him: You don’t drink?! WHY the hell not!?

The above example is typical of my opening dating dialogue. It is hard enough explaining to work colleagues, or old friends why you don’t want to drink anymore, but having to explain it to a first date… well that’s always a tough one. It has become quite comical actually. I list many excuses: I’m doing dry June (coz that’s a thing!), I’m on antibiotics (prompts more awkward questions), I had a heavy night last night (in front of Netflix), I’m trying to challenge myself…etc…

After each lie comes out, I say to myself: why can’t I just be honest about it? I don’t like alcohol anymore because it makes me feel depressed. I don’t trust myself to drink in moderation. I feel incredibly guilty about what I’m doing to my insides. It really is a problem I have with myself. The truth seems somewhat more daunting than the list of endless excuses.

So, with that all in mind, I’ve put together a female Celebrity GIF Guide to answering the question: Why Don’t You Drink? Along with some of the other questions I’m asked around this subject on a night out, or a first date. Perhaps on my next date, I’ll just pull out a link to one of these, or channel my inner RiRi, and hope for the best.

Q: Why don’t you drink? 
A: Because I don’t.

Q: How on earth do you have a good time?
A: Do I look like I need alcohol to have a good time? Celebrity Gifs Jivebunnys 8600023

Q: Do people think you’re boring?
A:  Do I care what people think?giphy

Q/Statement: I quit drinking once, it made me a better person. I felt healthier, more comfortable with myself, and happier… then I started again because I realised it made me a loser.
A: Wow.


Q/statement: I don’t think I could date someone who doesn’t drink.
A: I’ll let Taylor do the talking. 


Ps. Stay tuned for part 2, where I turn to my favourite male celebs for help.


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